Little book, big dreams

It was May of this year when I told almost everyone I know that my little self-help book, “Yes, you need space” will be available at select Fully Booked stores here in the Philippines.  My next statement was supposed to be, “It was a dream come true”, but really, it’s a teenage dream long overdue for this Tia.  Oh well, big dream…great deal of hard work — I did my research, spoke to people, went after people, sent emails, got rejected, cried, prayed, tried again, cried again, nearly gave up, nearly got broke…and then suddenly one day it happened…the stocks are in seven major stores.


FB stores

While this looks like a promotional post, let me honestly say that I also want to express gratitude to people who whether I personally know or not, know me or not, bought the book and sent photos to me in ways they can via IG story, FB, Messenger, etc. just to show their support.  It means so much to this struggling indie publisher, you know?

I was planning on writing a post about sacrifices for dreams like this one.  The things and people even, that you sometimes have to let go of just to make sure you get to your ‘finish line’ or your goal.  Sacrifices that seem to have their own conscience that nudges you awake in the middle of the night asking you, “Was it worth it?”

Truth is, I am nowhere near my ‘finish line’ and here I am still scared, uncertain, using my own money,  and oversharing like a teenage kid.

I will definitely get back to writing soon and try to make sense of this whole experience.  The other goal could be to help others ‘indie publish’ too.

For now, I thank all of you from the bottom, top, and all corners of my heart.


NOTE: As of this writing, the book is still available at Fully Booked stores in U.P. Town Center, Trinoma, Vertis North, Gateway, Conrad MOA, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, and the flagship store The Fort BGC.


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