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Social media led me to write the book, “Yes, You Need Space”, and so I consequently decided to dedicate the topic to it.   So why am I addressing the Tita (Auntie) age bracket who either adore or abhor social media? Research says that they are the ones who tend to struggle with being social and being private at the same time.  I believe that is true. I should know because I live and work with that demographic.  I am a part of the demographic as well.   And so, I put together our issues and realized, we all feel the need to thrive in this social networking-dominated world.   We need a guide on how to understand it better, use it with caution, and make it work to our advantage.

“Yes, You Need Space” is a product of shared learnings of Millennials, Generation X, some Baby Boomer authors I love, and those in between. Expect bits and pieces of other people’s experiences, especially of experts in the field of social media. Through it all, I hope you find my first book a good and enjoyable read, and may you virtually raise a thumb for a “Like”.


Tia 💃🏻❤️🍷


As of this writing, we’re still working on how to put “Yes, You Need Space” in major bookstores ASAP, and to make it available to readers outside the Philippines as well.  For now, Philippine readers from Metro Manila & select areas may have this baby delivered straight to their doorsteps, and it’s on us!


Send an email to using the subject, “BOOK ORDER” and then write in your details as a message…

Name: (Yes, we want to get to know you!)

Age: (Yes, we might send you a gift on your birthday!)

Mailing/Delivery Address: (Yes, because shipping is on us!)

Contact Number: (Yes, our courier requires so)

Number of book order:

Before hitting that SEND button, it’s IMPORTANT to ATTACH A PHOTO of your bank transaction slip if paying through either of the two bank deposit options below…


Option 1: BPI Bank Deposit (Metro Manila & nearby areas only – no provincial shipping for now)

Branch: Bank of the Philippine Islands (Trinoma)

Account Name: Annilyn Bautista

Account Number: 4239-1239-32

Amount: Php 200 each copy (shipping fee is on us!)


Option 2: Eastwest Bank Deposit (Metro Manila & nearby areas only – no provincial shipping for now)

Branch: Eastwest Bank (Maginhawa)

Account Name: Regina Bautista

Account Number: 200027344878

Amount: Php 200 each copy (shipping fee is on us!)


Option 3: PayPal Payment (Metro Manila & nearby areas only – no provincial shipping for now)

Just hit the yellow “BUY NOW” button below this to get the book for Php 200.00 (shipping fee is on us!).

Buy Now Button

Should you have questions, suggestions, or problems that need some advice (love-related included…but nah, take that some place else) feel free to hit any of Tia’s social buttons lying around this site.   Thank you and happy reading!


Team Tia Manila 💋

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  1. Congrats! Im proud of you! ❤️

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