Just cleaning up!

Hi! I’ve been away because I’m cleaning up in prep for the coming year.  I’ve hidden some old posts because I’ll be overhauling rebranding the site.

2017 has been a good year, let’s see…

I was able to take up two more subjects from graduate school.

I’ve attended blogging workshops and set up two websites for blogging.

I was given two new programs to write for tv.

I had side projects, and one of those brought me back to Baguio City.

I had two roadtrips which both involved getting into the…water!

I’ve been a witness to two lovely weddings.

I’ve been part of the journey of a dear friend.

I did interviews with online content producers!

I started working on online show concepts (God help us)

I made new friends!

I enrolled in a book writing course, and will launch my book soon!

There were ups and downs.  I lost some people too, some have passed on, some have moved on, but I’ve learned new life lessons.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, so thank you so much 2017,  my heart’s still filled with gratitude.

My wishes for 2018 are — launch my book, do some volunteer work, travel with my fam especially Mom, attend my bestfriend’s wedding in Vancouver or Hawaii or Mexico (they she can’t decide),  have a peaceful work environment or find a more peaceful work environment, see this country live in peace, receive blessings in the form of wealth-health-love, and…love, and then write my second book!

Whoever is reading this right now, I wish you good fortune.  May God bless you more.  Happy New Year!


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