The Tia in the North

It was raining hard on my side of the city yesterday, but I went out anyway because I had to go to my laser appointment, and you don’t miss laser appointments because it’s like everyone is getting laser procedures these days that if you miss a schedule it becomes so hard to get the exact same slot again for your next cycle. My laser clinic of choice specifically for Revlite* laser procedure (because I have this other trusted clinic for another type of laser procedure) was at Trinoma mall, conveniently located in a mall where I always go to for almost everything. But then one boring day, the Ayalas thought that two malls within the same ground was a good idea, and so they opened another mall right across Trinoma called, Vertis North (could they also be planning on opening a Vertis East and a Vertis South to surround Trinoma and thus, fulfill the “Tri” prophecy? Naaah, alright this is not a “Game of Thrones” fan fiction page.) And so the laser clinic consequently opened another branch inside that mall, and then transported the only Revlite machine they have there. So of course, wherever the precious machine goes, my body part that needs laser…follows!

On my way to Vertis North, I was already internalizing on a dramatic mood because of the rain, the traffic, the Ayalas, the machine…but all my woes suddenly disappeared once I was inside the new mall. What’s better than a fresh-smelling, newly-opened mall? A fresh-smelling, newly-opened mall without people!  I was the lone shopper at the time, and I’ve never been so ecstatic about being alone in a big place with no one to hold my hand.  Really.  Well, those people were just being reasonable — it’s a work day Tuesday, it’s raining, it’s 3pm, and most stores are still closed (again, new mall), except for the ones I need to see, lucky me! – the laser clinic, True Value, Mumuso, and then one which I didn’t plan to see at all…a make-up store I have not heard of.

It is a U.S. make-up brand with a cat silhouette on its logo, and it’s aptly called, J.Cat (Los Angeles).



The store is so vibrant.  The color scheme has hints of a Victoria Secret lingerie store. I could be wrong, but then I could be right about the same shade of overpowering pink.  That’s if my memory serves me right, I have not seen a VS shop in a long while.  Actually, I was only able to step inside a VS store in a Dubai mall while I was tailing someone who can actually afford a VS lingerie, and tons of other items.

Let’s get to the products and packaging…it’s young edgy vibrant but still “Tita” in a “Rawwr!” way (come on there’s a cat in the logo).    J.Cat is like NYX meets Japanese cosmetic brand young edgy vibrant.  What I asked from them was a good liquid foundation blending brush because my favorite blending brush from BYS needs a pinch hitter during its wash days. The staff from the store asked me to try a flat top kabuki brush which she claims is made out of human hair, and capable of delivering an airbrush finish.  Now that’s something to look forward to,  I’ll try out this brush with my Dermacol make-up cover in “218” when it arrives in the mail.

JCat Pro Make-Up Flat Angled Kabuki Brush (Php 599.00)

What I was able to try right away are these babies called, Lipfinity Matte Lip Cream.   I got two shades – one of the bestselling shades, “Day Club Chaos” (LMK103), and my personal choice, “Tonight my name is…” (LMK104) which I think is a shade that suits the gloomy weather these days. I was told that they are waterproof, kissproof, and transfer resistant.

JCat Lipfinity Matte Lip cream in “Day Club Chaos” and “Tonight, my name is…” (Php 299.00 each)

Yes, I tried eating cake with them, no smearing.  I drank water, no transfer on the cup.  It’s not that pigmented though, you have to apply a minimum of two coats to bring forth a richer color.  It takes time to dry up on your lips, so after application, wait a while before testing its kissproof capability on the guy next to you.  The brush applicator is similar to the brush of NYX lip crème, it’s a breeze to use, it matches the size of your lips unless you’ve had fillers injected to supersize it.

What I also love about this lip cream is how pleasant it smells! It smells like mint, and it feels cool on your lips while you’re putting it on, and the cool sensation carries on until the product dries up.  I super loved “Tonight my name is…” shade that I took Snapchat photos wearing it.  I absolutely felt like a diamond-studded filtered cat! Rawwr!



I just might go back to Vertis North for more Lipfinity Matte Lip shades.  I regret skipping the wide selection of eye shadows just because I was so hungry, the weather’s absolute fault.  They have a party glittery variant, think MAC electric cool eye shadow in budget version.  I just might really go back…like later! Besos!




*Revlite is a brand of laser procedure used to lighten skin pigmentation, scars, tattoos, etc.




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