“Do one thing that terrifies you” — Yikes, I’m doing a make-up review!

One of my earliest childhood memories was watching my Mom put on make-up before going to work.   Now at 60, she is still at it for like every single working day! No doubt that I got the love for putting on make-up from her, and I guess more than the products, it is the act of putting them on that I’ve come to really love and enjoy now. I find it therapeutic, and de-stressing. If I am expecting a day to be toxic-hectic, I prep myself up by allotting more time for make-up than getting dressed, or eating a power breakfast. Once I’m in my make-up chair, I’m cool, calm, and collected. With the right finish and shade for that day, I’m ready to take on the world. Haha. Just a real quick anecdote — one time I had to write spiels for a female t.v. host, I was kind of struggling with words that would fit her. Out of nowhere, I thought of putting on lipstick in a shade similar to her favourite, and it surprisingly helped me get through the task.

I’ve always wanted to write about make-up products, it is a subject I thought I could discuss in many exciting ways.   But then I realised that make-up is of course a very visual subject, thus, best presented with images and not words. You can’t just describe shades and finishes of foundation, right? You show instead of tell. While most bloggers/vloggers use their faces to show how to use products, I’m not confident I could use mine. Gosh. Keeping my skin clear (tight-pored, oil-free, blah-blah-blah-duh) is always a challenge for me. How do I tell people that this primer is the best ever if they see that my pores are too large to keep the product together?  I’m just terrified Haha.  But whether for blogging or not, I still buy tons of make-up products anyway, and I really use and put them to test. I tell people, especially my friends (both female and male) make-up users about my experiences so they could get the best products, and save money and time from buying the worst ones. I also want to hear from other people, and blogging is the fastest way.   So I’m now tackling this fear with my best face forward…in matte finish! Haha.


Moving forward now, let me be honest that I’m an impulsive make-up buyer, and I like to try out products from different lines, especially when there are new ones, because you know, new ones keep coming. Speaking of new, I’d like to do a rundown of products that are either new in the market, or are new to me but I consistently use for months now because they do the job.


I gathered my favorites after doing an inventory (because you need to check on your stash once in a while, and then dispose of lipsticks that are beyond two years old, and mascaras that are beyond six months just in case you don’t know yet, yes, they expire so don’t collect make-up products! Let go of your old products, and buy new ones.) and then I realized that my daily make-up routine now is done with the help of mostly local drugstore products. If I’m not mistaken, my absolute favorite on this list is the only imported/pricey one. I apologize for not indicating the prices for now because I cannot find the receipts (I will update once I find them). So, let’s start…


  1. Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick – I just recently discovered the wonders of contouring. This Maybelline V-Face comes in a convenient stick form and each end serves a different purpose — one is for highlighting while the other is for shading. It glides on smoothly, very easy to apply directly on skin, and then blend with a beauty blender. It really achieves the V-shape, you just have to blend well.

    vface contour
    Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick
  2. Nichido Contour Palette – when I’m too lazy to do blending of the product from the duo stick, I take this very handy palette in my bag and do the contouring in the cab/car. I’ve also tried using this product to enhance my contour work using the duo stick, it takes time but the results will be amazing! The shade for shaping may also be used as eye shadow when I don’t want to look like I have eye shadow on. It defines the crease area of my eye in a subtle way.
nichido contour palette
Nichido Contour Palette
  1. Mumuso Eye Shadow Palette 3 – if I want to look like I’m wearing a “day” eye shadow, I turn to this product from Korean store Mumuso. I love that this palette puts together a “day look” shade of peach and yellow, and the packaging is as cute as a candy bar.
mumuso eye shadow
Mumuso Eye Shadow #3
  1. Nichido Final Powder – I recently heard of “baking” as a make-up application technique from one of my favorite beauty vloggers, Anne Clutz. She highly recommends this product not just for baking but for regular use as a finishing powder. This is really cheap (like Php100 plus) but good, and enough to last you a year of touch ups.
nichido final powder
Nichido Final Powder
  1. BYS matte foundation – I found myself unconsciously hoarding products from BYS, and they are not freebies, I bought them with my own impulsive shopping money (as with all the products on this list). I don’t know what got into me but I just keep replenishing my supplies from this line. My favorite is the BYS matte foundation – really matte, buildable, and long-wearing (a damp sponge or blender instead of brush for application works for me)
BYS Brow Gel / Matte Foundation/ Concealer
  1. BYS concealer – really conceals my large pores, and discolorations, not my scars though, it’s not for that purpose (use the pointy tip of a dry blender for application)
  2. BYS brow gel – I’ve always used pencil for my brows but this made me love using gel, and I do use this product on my not in a hurry to do makeup days
  3. BYS brow gel brush – do I actually have to criticize a tiny brush? But I love using it.
  4. BYS flat top foundation brush – BYS really makes good brushes, their flat top foundation brush is made out of synthetic hair but it’s really soft, and works like magic!


  1. Dermacol Make-up Cover – I just got hold of this much raved about Dermacol make-up cover from the make-up shelves of Empire Café branch in Maginhawa Street, QC. This is not yet available anywhere, not in drugstores or department stores, but I chanced upon it at Empire. Reviews say Dermacol functions as concealer-foundation in one, same as the promise of Milani Concealer Foundation (which is also another foundation I love!). Packaging says it’s waterproof, has sunscreen SPF30 (wow!), and hypoallergenic. It comes in a gold tube (like an ointment).
Dermacol authentic
Dermacol Make-Up Cover

I tried it for four hours (in the evening) and so far, really good! I got the wrong shade because there were no testers available. I got this in shade “213” which is for fair skin with pink undertone. I have yellow undertone so it turned out really weird. Although with a little help from BYS concealer in Light, and MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC30 I was somehow able to tone down the pink undertone, and make my skin appear yellow.

In terms of coverage, yes, Dermacol offers full coverage! It hid my large pores, some scars, discolorations, and yes it’s true, with the shade that perfectly matches you, it can hide tattoos too! Yikes, look at how pink “213” shade is against my yellow undertone skin…

dermacol tattoo
the right shade could probably cover tattoos better

Going back to the face, it spreads on smoothly like butter. Its light creamy consistency suggests it’s probably ideal for combination to dry skin. Other reviews say Dermacol smells like a certain brand of Chinese cosmetic, I am not aware, I smelled it several times and it doesn’t have a distinct annoying smell at all. I totally forgot how it smelled as I write this post.

To know if Dermacol’s promise of full coverage and longwear really works especially for oily skin, I still need to wear this product during the day, and in a shade that matches my skintone.   I’m looking at “218” as my possible match based on swatches I’ve seen online. A friend asked me where else to get this product, well, I did my research and actually found sellers of this product on Lazada.

dermacol 218 authentic
UPDATE: Oh yes, the right shade for my skin tone (218) just arrived in the mail!  It gave me full coverage it could hide a tattoo!

Make sure to find sellers of the authentic version.  Authentic sells for Php1300plus or more, the price varies.   Fakes are everywhere, be careful!

I’d still recommend that you try this very good product no matter your skin type. If you’re super oily like me, compensate by using a gel or silicone primer, “bake” with loose powder, and do touch ups. So there, whoa, my first ever sort of make-up review post. Do write a comment below and tell me about your favorite make-up products. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe, click on the FOLLOW link. Besos!


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